Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Places you wouldn't want to be on holiday when having a baby

Hot on the news that the Camerons have given their new baby the name Endellion, after the place in Cornwall - places you wouldn't want to  name your daughter after:

Pity Me
Westward Ho!

Saturday, 21 August 2010


1 In 1846, this famous belgian invented a musical instrument that combined the fingering of the oboe with the single reed of the clarinet.  The instrument has been popular with wind bands and rock-and-roll groups ever since.  Who was he?

2 Born on 17 June 1945, this cyclist had the nickname "the Cannibal".  He won the Tour de France 5 times, including 1969 when he won the tour, and was the King of the Mountains.  Who is he?

3 Roger Jouret was born in Brussels.  In 1977 he hit the charts worldwide with "Ca Plane Pour Moi".  What was his stage name?

4 Born in 1898 in Lessines, this Belgian artist was one of the leaders of surrealism.  Almost all of his paintings feature some sort of visual paradox, a restless blue sky with a hole in it, a human body with a the head of a fish, a hat suspended in mid-air.

5 Gerhard Kremer was born in 1512.  He was the greatest cartographer at the height of the exploration of the world.  His method of projecting maps so that lines of latitude and longitude are at right angles, is known by his Latin name - which was?

6 Born in Belgium of a Dutch mother and a British father, this actress starred in War and Peace, and Breakfast at Tiffanny's.  She spent the lastyears of her life working for third-world children, and was special ambassador for Unicef.  Who was she?

7 By what name was the cartoonist Georges Remi better known?

8 Born on 1 January 1945 in Brussels, this racing driver won 8 Grand Prix races, but is best known for winning the Le Mans 24 Hours three times running.  Who is he?

9 Born in a gypsy caravan in 1910, this Belgian musician made his only tour in 1946, with Duke Ellington's band.  He created a so-called "two-finger" method of playing the guitar, so as to deal with the limitations caused by his disfigured left hand.  He played with Stephan Grappelli, in the Hot Club Quintet in a Parisian nightclub.  Who is he?

10 Finally, the inevitable detective question….. Born in Liege in 1903, this Belgian writer was immensely popular throughout the world.  Who was the creator of  Inspector Maigret?

1 - Adolphe Sax
2 - Eddie Merckx
3 - Plastic Bertrand
4 - Rene Magritte
5 - Mercator
6 - Audrey Hepburn
7 - Herge
8 -  Jacky Ickx
9 - Django Reinhardt
10 - Georges Simenon

Sunday, 1 August 2010

On spontaneity

In the event, it seemed to be quite a nice All Age Service this morning.

Though my fat thumbs on the laptop made my projection of the Gospel reading a little more unpredictable than normal.

I set the congregation a couple of challenges in spontaneity. The first was by trying to get involvement in the sermon.  Ooh that was tricky, and I probably made that harder than I had to.
But the second thing I did was to invite people, while we sang a chorus, to come up and write their prayers on pieces of paper which I could then collect together into the intercessions. 
Beautifully written short prayers, which I sorted into an order that took us from thanks to God for his blessings, through to prayers for the hungry and those needing healing. Beautiful.

We also gave thanks for a Hovis "Best of Both", which seemed to fit nicely into the Rich Fool and the Lammastide nature of today.

And if you want to see an alternative sermon on the Rich Fool and his Barns - Drayton's got some words of wisdom.