Thursday, 27 May 2010

The new rules of posting comments on other blogs

It was Banksyboy's plaintive lament for the Beaker Folk that reminded me to post these new rules.

It just got too complicated, having so many sock puppets to comment with.  So now the rules are simple.  My creations are only allowed to post comments on fictional (I hope) sites such as Beyond the Woodshed.  I will post as myself on "real" sites such as David Keen, Sally, Mike, Simon Robinson and (since "he" also interacts in the "real world"), Church Mouse.

I hope that's clear.  And so do Mrs Daphne Hnaef and Eileen.


dmk said...

Real, moi?

G said...

Well, you're in Crockford's.

Judith Starkadder said...

If only t'was so.

Sally said...

what real world????