Friday, 16 April 2010

Tweet the Election

Being out at a church meeting I missed the Leaders' debate last night.  Doesn't particularly bother me as I made up my mind a while ago who I'm voting for.  Basically any party that will stop telling other people what to do and what not to do gets my vote.  And that's in politics and religion.

I was intrigued (or should that be intwuiged?) by the twittering going on when I got back.  A lot of which seemed to be knee-jerk pro-Labour and even more so anti-Tory.  I'd not realised I was following so many left-wing people.  And then realised that is probably because so many of them are vicars.

But for incisive remarks, whether you agree with them or not, you can't beat @clayboy (who you can also find here on the web). Watching QT after the debate, he picked up very rapidly on something Shami Chakrabarti said.  I normally have a lot of time for Liberty, and for anyone who tries to stop Government running rough-shod over people.  But she said that we can't allow people to vote for local police "chiefs" (I use the word loosely) because we might not get the right kind of police chiefs.  I though the whole point of democracy was that we get who we vote for, regardless of whether Liberty thinks they're the right kind of people or not.  But maybe I'm missing something here.

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Doug Chaplin said...

I think you're far too nice and kind to me – but don;t stop now! :)