Friday, 23 April 2010


I'm spending two days in a store, finding out how my new company "works".
Being it was a bit of a quiet day, I spent a while wandering around in my suit, trying to sell a product that frankly I would never buy myself to customers.  I was very polite, very informative, and managed to give away one leaflet in an hour and a half.
To be fair to the customers, some were more embarrassed than I was.  Some saw me coming and ran down a side-aisle.  And one stopped and chatted to me because I'm the curate at her church.  But I suspect if I'd understood the thing I was trying to sell better, or if I'd tried it myself and liked it, I would have been a lot keener on trying to sell it.

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Sally said...

should've worn your dog collar, that would have been may not have appreciated it though!