Saturday, 24 April 2010

Proportional Desperation

Poor Mac has a problem.
He's been reading up on Tactical Voting.

He lives in a Conservative-Labour marginal.  And he's always voted Lib Dem.
But now he's unsure.

If he votes Lib Dem it's going to be a wasted vote.

And he's strongly into "Anyone but Gordon."  Whatever else happens, he doesn't want Gordon to win.  So he thinks that maybe he should vote Tory.

But if all the Lib Dems in marginals do that across the country,  and the Tories get a majority.... that's not going to be good.

So maybe he'd be better off voting Labour.  As then if Labour don't get too many seats then there's going to be a coalition.  And it might be that if Labour's not too strong then they get rid of Gordon.  And a Lib Dem - Labour coalition with - say - Alan Johnson might not be too bad.

But if Labour get in here, they could end up with a coalition where Labour's quite a strong partner.  And then Gordon could stay - at least for quite a while.  And he doesn't want that.

Mac's got a headache now.

So he's going to vote Green.  At least he knows that won't do anything.

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Sally said...

who hasn't got a headache, PP broadcasts do that to you!