Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Nipped out to Holdenby church at lunchtime.  One of these days I'll get organised and see if I can borrow the key.

But still.  Interesting piece of social history.  All Saints stands fairly isolated, far closer to Holdenby House than the modern village. And that's because of the Wellingborough connection, in that it was Wellingborough boy-made-good Sir Christopher Hatton who built the original Holdenby Hall. He demolished the old manor house and the old village (you can see the mounds and fish ponds round about) and moved all the peasants over the other side of the hall, to the new village.  Thus turning the church into a kind of family chapel.

Unfortunately poor old Chris broke the family finances building the place in order to impress the Virgin Queen.  The House went to the Crown, and Charles I was held a prisoner here during the Civil War.  One of the ghastly Roundheads then knocked the place down to sell the stone - so the current House is mostly modern.

There's also a bit of a family connection in that the rector of Holdenby in the 19th century was Frederick Cecil Alderson, also Canon of Peterborough Cathedral (and with a monument in the treasury there).  No real relation, of course.  And I hope it's not because an Alderson was rector that the church is now redundant.

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