Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Day

Now recovering from a rather busy Easter period for an otherwise-employed SSM.
Thursday morning - Cathedral for Chrism Mass. An excellent sermon from +John Flack.
Friday morning - Good Friday workshop. I just played guitar and bimbled about in a dog collar, but there was excellent preparation by the people running the different activities and I was stopped in Tesco on Saturday by one of the mothers who wanted to tell me how good it all was. Which was great.
Friday afternoon - practising for Stainer's Crucifixion.
Friday evening - act of worship of Stainer - whole-deanery choir, and I don't care what Mike says, it was very powerful and great to meet with a bunch of other singers from across the area.
Saturday 9pm - combined Easter vigil, baptism and confirmation - getting on for ten of our people, of all ages, colours and levels of (dis)ability. A great occasion, and very powerful with the lighting of the New Fire out in the churchyard, next to the police station, as the Saturday night people went past and the traffic roared down the Midland Road. Got bed half past midnight....
....which was a shock when I got up at 5 am and went out to lead the dawn Easter Eucharist at our church. And despite the tiredness, couldn't stop grinning. Jesus is Risen!
And then the 11am service as a visitor at a new church. Again, great to be there. And good to preach a very unstructured, non-3-point sermon. And met lots of new people, dedicatedly getting on with being their church and trying to construct a vision in a small, old-fashioned (to me eyes) village.
And then I caught an egg thrown over the pub (ever tried that? It's not easy. You mostly get covered with egg....) and then won the quiz.
So - three days off. That'll do for now.

And He has Risen! Or did I mention that already?


dmk said...

poor Stainer, we do it to him every Easter and he just keeps coming back for more.

G said...

I'm glad you did that. Cos I was wanting to say "it's too good for him..."