Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cafe In Finedon

More on Mackworth's Diner, the Cafe in Finedon, because we've been there now.
Took the kids there Saturday for 2 veggie breakfasts (still Lenten regulations), a small breakfast and something for George.
Good, well-cooked, traditional English cafe grub. Every ounce eaten and enjoyed. If you're after taking the young lady out for a sophisticated evening of music, champagne and truffles don't bother. If you want a really good breakfast and you're somewhere near Finedon, go for it.


Steve Borthwick said...

Sounds like it's filling a niche previously occupied by "Little Chef"? - I must say it sounds great, you can't beat a "full English" on a cold morning or after a night on the town.

G said...

Hi Steve

I think Liz might get quite grumpy at the "Little Chef" comment! But given it's on the A6 'twixt Rushden and Kettering, the target market would be appear to be your slightly more refined road-based transport, and locals. And it's a good, proper cafe.
And you know what, seeings it's you that's commented, I can't look at a plate of black pud, beans and bacon and not believe there's a God. Although if I were a Tamworth or Gloucester Old Spot I might have a different opinion...