Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Wierd Science

According to the BBC Website, "The researchers calculated that 11% of deaths in men and 16% of deaths in women could be prevented if people decreased their red meat consumption to the level of those in the lowest intake group."

Very exciting findings. However I think the word they were looking for was "delayed" rather than "prevented"....

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


What I failed to mention was that on Saturday we were on our way to that flat place in the fens where they punt from the wrong end and produce martyrs - to go the Science Festival. So we spent the day wandering around the Chemistry dept, freezing things with liquid nitrogen and watching stuff explode. Little Son terrified all and sundry when his balloon (which had been filled with dry ice) finally got so large it couldn't take it anymore and went off with a bang that terrified everyone in the entrance hall.
I notice from the signs around the city that Cambridge University is 800 years old. Must be quite weird, going to one of these new universities...

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Being the Anglian word for Lent...

I was slightly concerned that the Firefox weather forecast a moment ago said "mostly sunny", whereas a look out of the window confirmed it's pitch black and night time. Maybe they're just a bit previous?

Meanwhile, there's a froggy frenzy in our front pond. By now, any batrachian visitors are presumably the descendants of the frogspawn we brought down from Del's house in a jamjar a few years ago in the hope of seeding our bran-new pond. The pond is no longer so new, and it's seething with froggy life and rapidly filling with frogspawn. Go out about 10am, as I did yesterday, and there's rows of froggy friends, basking in the sun and warming up ready for the day.

Monday, 2 March 2009

The creeping gloom of spring

Yes, I know it's wrong to be gloomy about the spring.  All the ickle dicky birds singing in the trees, the frogs and the bees and the daffydowndilly with a hey nonny nonny and all that.  

But I like winter.  I like the dark coming in, I used to love that feeling when you'd go the pictures on a damp Saturday afternoon in winter and come out into the dark of a Luton evening (much the best way to see Luton, is in the dark....).  I like fires and the feel of walking out and having the cold hit you in the face.  Spring?  Where's the fun compared to that?

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Celebrating Christmas All Year Long...

Closed for the season!

Am I being racist to comment that Americans don't do irony?


Good news is, apparently it's going to get colder again.