Sunday, 28 June 2009

Belting about

Thu pm - boss off in SW doing a presentation of the new website to important customers.  Leave work 20 past 5, all is well.  Half past - text - just says "Site down".  Oh, the site's down.  And so is all the sites.  And all the internal apps.  And email.  and web access.  In fact everything, it appears the computer has lost all knowledge of what it is.
Fri am - total waste of a morning.  In at 7.30 together with one of my Seniors to check everything out.  It's all still down.  Fri lunch - leave for Peterborough, ordination pre for priesting next week.,
Sat am - drive Hemsby.  On the way me & eldest went down Grimes' Graves.  Very interesting, very thought-provoking.  That site was in flint production for 1000 years!  English Heritage describe Grime's Graves as a "grassy lunar landscape".  Surely the whole point of a lunar landscape is that there's no grass?
Sat lunch - Harry Ramsden's, to spend the voucher I got for complaining about them last time!  Much better this time, possibly because we went to the take-away.  Nice big fish.
Anyway - afternoon on the beach, with the lads spending most of the time flint-knapping.  Obviously the trip to Grime's Graves had an effect.
Sun morning - quite a quiet time, took the lads down to the big slide in Hemsby.  I hadn't been to Hemsby in 35 years, and it's an odd place.  The village is... a village.  The strip down to the beach is the most concentrated English Seaside experience you could imagine - every inch covered in amusement arcades, bits of funfair, pubs, bars, cafes... and then you walk over the dunes to the beach and... it's totally different.  Big, sandy, empty... just lovely, actually.  A very poignant pill box, covered up to the roof in sand.  I bet it was on the dunes last time I was there... 
And then down to Esses for Mike's First Mass.  Very well spoken, I thought.  Just a few more elaborate hand movements - maybe raising the Host higher?  But I thought it was very nice of Mike to wear his Liverpool replica chasuble for the occasion.  All cool.
Home now, just time for a few hours' sleep before I find out what chaos the morning brings.

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Sally said...

"Liverpool replica chasuble for the occasion." lol!