Sunday, 30 March 2008

God's mystery - The Church

Preached on Eph 3 this morning. Preached for 30 minutes. Lucky (or blessed) that the vicar's laptop didn't recognise my USB-2 memory stick. Otherwise, with pictures as well, the sermon might have been on the long side.

God's mystery - the Church. How mysterious could it be that God wants us in his Kingdom...?

Signs of Spring

The daffs under the apple trees flowered round about New Year, which to be honest they always do. It's a micro-climate thing, not down to global warming. The frogs only really started taking an interest in things just before the real cold weather last week. Clearly all the snow stopped them getting in the mood, but since mid-week there's been more frogspawn appearing every day.

Annoyingly, given that we have a wildlife garden with no fish, hedges around the edges and decent hiding places all round, one particular pair of proud batrachian parents has deposited two lots of spawn in the shubunkin pond round the back, little caring that every one of their children will die at the hands - well, OK, fins - of the voracious shubs. A suitable image, I feel, for Mother Nature and her lack of care for her children. Being incurably soft-hearted, I've been moving it round to the safe pond.

Monday, 24 March 2008


Awful feeling there's an assignment due. So I'm planning some time to get one written today. Unfortunately I'm rather tired due to getting up early yesterday, going to two services, watching Liverpool lose (in an embarrassing and shambolic way) and then going to watch Dara O'Briain in the evening. So I'm pouring coffee in, waiting for it to take effect, and resisting the urge to watch The Colour of Magic.

Sunday, 23 March 2008


Up to now this Easter morning, as I sit here waiting to go to the 6am service (6 am! At least there's breakfast), it's been steely-gray and cold outside. Then the weather bar on my browser changed from "overcast" to "snow". Looked out of the window, and sho 'nuff that's what we've got. Where's the weather station? In my garden?

On this Day...

(from the BBC Website)
  • 1919: Benito Mussolini founds the Italian Fascist Movement, a model for far-right parties across Europe.

  • 1933: The German Reichstag passes the Enabling Act, allowing Adolf Hitler to rule by decree as a dictator.

  • 2001: The first permanently-inhabited space station, 'Mir', is destroyed as it hits the Earth's atmosphere.

What a date to remember how fallen human beings are.

And 2008 - through all the stupid things we do, through all the evil we do, over and against all the systems we set up and the failed ambitions, the faulty science and the not-quite achievements - the promise is still there...

He is Risen.

Friday, 21 March 2008


After being out in the cold playing football with the lads earlier, now battening down the hatches. The rabbits (one with ears, one without) have been well provided with hay, sawdust and newspaper - and two additional waterproofing layers added to the hutch. Typical England. First day of spring and they're forecasting blizzards.

Not blogging

Blimey, it's nearly a month since I last blogged. Anyone would think I'd bought it in the earthquake... but no, just had other stuff to do I guess. Whatever it was.